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Storm Pitch Purple

1 year ago

Before getting into my review of the Storm PITCH PURPLE, it’s important to state clearly that I am not the target market for plain/blended urethanes.

With a rev rate that probably barely touches 300 on a good day as I near 58 years old, I rarely need them the way, say, a 2-hander with a 500 rev rate does.

Occasionally, I turn to one for use on short patterns where reactive resin is too much for even me, or for house shots that turn into wet/dry cliffs that resin just reacts wrong on.

In recent years, I’ve gone through all of Storm’s urethane releases, and found the FEVER PITCH to be best for me. However, it tended to really lane shine for me and quit working as well as it did fresh with a brisk hit with a 500- or 1,000-grit pad. And freshly hit, the FEVER PITCH really hooked early for me.

I loved the much stronger and high-flaring HOT CELL on those broken down, wet-dry house patterns, but typically was too strong for me on short patterns.

Basically, when I could play hold and not give it away, the FEVER PITCH was great for me. The HOT CELL I could give away and have a bit of return.

The new PITCH PURPLE seems to be somewhat of a combination of the FEVER PITCH and HOT CELL, able to play hold but also strong enough to return when given away a little.

The PP features the Capacitor core used in the PITCH BLACK with the new Rev-Controll solid urethane cover.

I chose my standard pin-up strong drilling, with the long pin distance putting the pin well above my bridge. With my PAP of 4 7/8 over and 5/8 up, this ball's numbers are 5 3/8 pin-PAP, 4 "MB"-PAP, and 2 3/4 pin buffer.

The PP doesn’t seem to hook quite as early as the FEVER PITCH when both are hit to 500, and this probably accounted for its stronger move downlane.

The PP did lane shine, as I found myself moving about an arrow right on a fresh pattern from the first shots after roughing the cover.

Again, my game is not one that is going to benefit much from urethane, but the PP seems to deliver the most reaction for me of any Storm has made so far.

Perhaps the biggest impression the PITCH PURPLE made on me is that I dig out a couple of 10-pins with it – something I had almost never seen with other urethanes in recent years, though I lived off of that hit back in the BLUE HAMMER days.

That came from the stronger downlane motion.

Obviously, the higher your rev rate, the more likely you are to benefit from urethane, but even lower rev players like me likely would find some use for the PITCH PURPLE on short patterns and cliffed house shots.


Coverstock:Rev-Controll solid urethane
Box Finish:1,000 grit