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At just 13, Landin Jordan steals the show as Illinois youth edge Wisconsin youth in Willinois Cup

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Monday, July 27, 2020 8:00 am
The 2020 Willinois Cup championship team from the Illinois State Scholarship Tour. Kneeling in the front middle are Landin Jordan, left, and Cameron Crowe, right. Photo by ISST.
The Wisconsin girls edged the Illinois girls, but the Illinois boys beat the Wisconsin boys by a wider margin to give Illinois the win in the 2020 Willinois Cup July 18-19 at Landmark Lanes in Peoria, Illinois. The competition previously also included Michigan and Indiana, but the COVID-19 pandemic limited it to just Wisconsin and Illinois this year. The teams from both states featured 12 bowlers, with Wisconsin’s coming from the Junior Bowlers Scholarship Tour and Illinois’ from...