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Logo Infusion masks enable me to fly the 11thFrame colors while being courteous to my fellow humans

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Thursday, May 28, 2020 6:00 pm mask made by Logo Infusion. Photo by Jeff Richgels.

Because I believe in science and medicine over politics, I wear a mask whenever I am out in public among other people. And that will be the case until the COVID-19 pandemic ends with a vaccine, an antibody treatment, natural herd immunity, or proven treatment drugs.  

It’s actually stunning how much confusion there still is over using a mask. Only an N95 or elastomeric mask (or a full HAZMAT suit!) will do a good job of protecting a person from getting COVID-19, and those should be left to health care workers. But any decent face covering will prevent some expelling of droplets and thereby reduce your contagiousness to others if you are a carrier.

In other words, you don’t wear a mask to protect yourself, you do it as a courtesy and protection for your fellow human beings.

This is the pure science.

Sadly, wearing a mask has become somewhat political, though many on the conservative side of the aisle embrace masks, including powerful Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell.

When this all began in mid-March, my girlfriend Susie “Fever” Dyhr found two N95 masks in our basement that she had used in house construction work when she was a realtor in Florida more than a decade ago. That made them not usable for health care workers, but fine for our limited essential trips.

But the straps broke quickly on both and we had to figure out new straps that were not ideal.

Knowing we didn’t need anything more than basic masks to reduce our potential transmission to others, I called my good friend Brian “Splash” Cooper at Logo Infusion, where I am a staffer, and ordered 30 masks with my logo. (I gladly paid for them.)

The material is the same used in Logo’s awesome jerseys and is machine washable so we are good for a long time.

You can order your own masks and gaiters at Logo’s website.

Look for a lot of new and exciting things coming in the future from Logo as the bowling industry gets back on its feet.

(NOTE: As detailed under “AFFILIATES” at, I am on the bowling staff of Logo Infusion.)


Jeff Richgels wearing an mask. Photo by Jeff Richgels.
Jeff Richgels wearing an mask. Photo by Jeff Richgels.