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USBC proposes logical change with ball hardness rules — and creates a hole cheaters could exploit

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Wednesday, April 22, 2020 6:00 pm
A hand-held durometer use to check bowling balls in the field for years. A reader sent it to me after reading my recent series of stories on urethane ball hardness. Photo by Jeff Richgels.
Based on everything we’ve learned about the hardness of plain and blended urethane balls with USBC’s data gathering this year, I have no problem with their proposal to almost leave the rule alone by merely increasing the minimum hardness from 72D to 73D. If you were living under a rock and have no clue about any of this, I wrote three lengthy stories on the topic with these headlines: It's a 'baseless claim' to say illegal PURPLE HAMMERs are being used on the PBA Tour, PBA...