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Storm Fire Road

7 years ago

FIRE ROAD review by Storm staffer Jeff Richgels

     The FIRE ROAD ball details are here:

            The FIRE ROAD uses a modified version of the symmetrical Inverted Fe3 weight block first used in theVICTORY ROAD, with the modification upping the differential about 15 percent. However, while the VICTORY ROADS and CROSSROAD all used the popular and proven R2S coverstock, the FIRE ROAD uses a pearl R2X that previously has only been used in its higher-end balls like the VIRTUAL GRAVITY line.

      One of my favorite balls of all time is the T-ROAD PEARL, an R2S cover that I have gotten a ton of great use on on burned out shots with a stacked drilling -- pin over my bridge and CG about in my grip center.

      What I'd like to have is that ball but a little stronger so I can use it a little earlier and when there's more oil. I tried a MARVEL PEARL that way but that core is so strong it was hard to get a consistent reaction out of it with that drilling.

      So I decided to try the R2X pearlFIRE ROADwith the stack. The pin did end up over my bridge with the CQ about in my grip center – no hole necessary.

      The PIN to PAP is 5 1/8, PAP to "MB" is 6 3/8, and pin buffer is 3 3/4.

      I have used the IQ on a wet-dry house shot on Brunswick ProLane synthetics and the PBA Chameleon pattern in a PBA Regional on olderBrunswicksynthetics.

      TheFIRE ROADsurprised me with how well it reacted on the house shot – it wasn't as squirty as I expected it might be, which I'd attribute to the R2X pearl cover vs. an R2S pearl. It was pretty much strike all day.

      TheFIRE ROADwas the ball I used the last four games on the Chameleon in the Regional, which I cashed in. The lanes got to hooking so much I probably would have been better served by the T-ROAD PEARL but I did not bring it.

      TheFIRE ROADmakes a strong move at the breakpoint but I would not call it skid/flippy at all. Instead, it was more of a hockey stick move - turn left and roll on a line to the pocket. My carry was hampered by shots that rolled out as the lanes got to flying, but on those that retained roll my carry was excellent – I've always preferred the way balls that roll into the pins carry vs. those that skid/flip.

      If you're looking for a that kind of hockey stick and rolling motion on a ball ideal for medium to hooking conditions, theFIRE ROADshould be a good choice for you.



Coverstock:R2X Pearl
Box Finish:1,500 grit polished